goTruck! was seeded by Pan-United Corporation Ltd in July 2018 out of a desire to find the most productive way to truck raw materials for its ready-mix concrete production. It began as an in-house app that was organically developed step by step to add on features and iron out glitches.

Released to the market in 2019, goTruck! extends Pan-United’s advanced logistics system to the sharing economy. It builds on the deep domain knowledge of Pan-United, which handles thousands of truck movements daily as Singapore’s biggest supplier of concrete and cement to the construction industry.

goTruck! brings transparency to trucking demand and supply. Importantly, it plugs market inefficiencies in the complex construction B2B logistics supply chain.

goTruck! leverages a very powerful supply chain platform pioneered by Pan-United using digital technology. Called Artificial Intelligence for Ready-mix Concrete, or AiR in short, this unique digital platform has revolutionised the construction logistics industry.

AiR features:

    1. B2B optimisation of business processes in the Cloud: A customisable and modular platform that optimises vertically-integrated business processes to save costs, maximise capacity, align truck proximity and availability, and reduce manpower.
    2. Built-in AI technology: Employs artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning and sensor technologies.
    3. Domain knowledge: Takes from PanU’s codified best-in-class practices across the supply chain.